Mid-Nite Snax

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About Us

For almost two decades, Mid-Nite Snax has offered the very best in food and candy packaging, providing our distributors with fresh and creative ideas.  We have consistently been recognized for the high quality of our products and for the exceptional service we provide.   

Our philosophy on partnerships
Successful partnerships between distributors and suppliers only come about when we work hand in hand for a common goal; when we work together anything is possible! Our number one priority is to support our distributors in whatever area needed to ensure we are both satisfied and proud of the outcome.

Guaranteed success 
In making sure everyone is happy with the outcome of all orders, we take every in-hands date seriously.  We have a 99.9% on time delivery rate; however, there are few instances where errors occur. If an in-hands date is compromised due to a mistake on our part, we will take whatever measures necessary, even at our expense, to rectify the situation. 

Thinking outside the Snax
The possibilities for food and candy promotions are endless!  Though we have a comprehensive catalog of our products, we always look forward to custom projects of all sizes.  Our flexibility and creativity are two major elements that enable us to tailor each product to your specific needs. 

Quality you can count on
We can attest to the fact that we adhere to the highest standards of quality throughout our entire facility.  Our production staff is well versed in the impeccable level of quality that we demand.  We view our customers as partners and as such we want to provide you with the optimum product in every instance.  If your client is not 100% happy with the completed product, we will go out of our way to fix the problem to their and your complete satisfaction.  You can always count on us!