Midnite Snax


Group Nine Media launches 4 new lifestyle brands

The Project

Group Nine Media came to our distributor customer seeking a way to promote the launch of their 4 new lifestyle brands. The company has writers for each of the brands, and they share news, reviews and more via an online app, their website, and social media.

The Challenges

Since the four lifestyle brands were very different, but all under the umbrella of the main brand, we needed to create a promotion that tied it all together and said "we have all the content you need to survive".

The Results

Our team created a survival kit, which included 4 candy desk drops to represent each of their 4 lifestyle brands. We used Gummy Bears to represent “The Dodo”, their brand that inspires people to help animals. We used Chocolate Martini Olives to represent “The Thrillest”, their brand that reviews food, drink and travel. We used Chocolate Globes to represent “Now This”, their brand which creates news content about things happening around the world. Finally, we used candy stars to represent “The Seeker”, their brand that focuses on technology and innovation. The camouflage themed artwork ties into the survival theme.

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