Midnite Snax


Ford's end of year event was just peachy!

The Project

The distributor came to us seeking a gift that their end user, a car dealership, could give to customers who purchased a vehicle during their huge end of year event. Since their budget had not been finalized yet, the distributor asked us to present at least two price ranges. Some of our favorite custom projects hit very close to home! When one of our very own employees told us her son was getting married at a campground, the creative wheels in our brains started turning!

The Challenges

Since their best-selling vehicles were usually mid-size and up and used by families, the dealership wanted the gift to appeal to both adults and children so everyone could enjoy or use it. In addition, the gift needed a longer shelf life as the event lasted a full month.

The Results

Once our creative team heard the dealership was located in Georgia, a state well known for their peaches, they instantly thought of gummy peach candy which has a 6-8 month shelf life. With candy being something that certainly appeals to all ages, our team presented the distributor with a low cost round top header and a higher cost basket, both filled with gummy peaches. Since the basket so creatively resembled one you would see at a farmer’s market, the end user was really impressed and chose that over the header bag.

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