Midnite Snax


Almay's Simply American Bus Tour

The Project

Almay, a well-known cosmetic company, was venturing out on their “Almay Simply American Bus Tour”, stopping at festivals and fairs across 9 cities in the Southeast coast of the U.S. Their bus was outfitted with makeup stations, wall to wall product, and fun photo booths.

The Challenges

Given that Almay expected to meet thousands of people along their bus route, they approached our distributor seeking a simple, low-cost giveaway. As a manufacturer of one of America’s favorite snacks, Popcorn seemed like a no brainer! We presented the distributor with 18 flavor options, with the ability to create their own custom mix if they so desired.

The Results

Almay decided on a simple bag of fresh popped butter popcorn with their “Almay Simply American” logo. While visitors to the tour bus received touchups and played games, the popcorn bags were a nice added giveaway for all the staff and guests who participated.

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