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Pharmaceutical company releases a new medication through the use of custom-made Triangle Shaped Pretzels


Promotion Objective

A pharmaceutical company was introducing a new medication that needed to be taken with a salty food.  They were looking to create awareness of this in a fun and creative way to break through the clutter.  To satisfy this, the distributor was in search of a one ounce, four-color process, fully customized bag with triangle shaped pretzels inside (the triangle is the logo of this particular medication).

Making it Happen

After calling many suppliers, the distributor called Mid-Nite Snax as a last resort (Their first mistake!).  Pretzels do not come standard in triangle shapes but we were able to manufacture the exact product they needed. 


This particular product has already been reordered numerous times.  The success of this unique program has led the distributor to order other custom pretzel shapes for future projects such as squares, light bulbs and hearts.

Alternative Ideas & Capabilities

Since the minimum quantity to create a completely custom pretzel shape is 300,000 cello bags, the success of this program lead us to search for other unique pretzel shapes to offer to distributors, which have lower minimums. We now have poker shaped pretzels, and pretzels shaped like golf tees which have proven to be a great addition to our line.  As we are always on the hunt for new and exciting products, look for more fun pretzel shapes to come in the future!

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