Midnite Snax

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Popular reality TV show creates buzz with 30 inch coiled gummy snake


Promotion Objective

The purpose of this promotion was to increase awareness about a new reality program on television, Forever Eden. Without completely creating a new tin, the distributor wanted to design a product that would generate a buzz promoting the show.

Making It Happen

Working with the ½ quart tin, we were able to use a four-color process label to transform this standard tin into something truly special. The tin was filled with gummy apples surrounding a coiled 30 inch gummy snake in the center. This corresponded with the "Garden of Eden" theme of the show.


With the success of this program, the distributor placed many additional orders using the ½ quart tin. The ½ quart tin is in the catalog with the low minimum of 50 pieces.

Alternative Ideas & Capabilities

The ability to fill the ½ Qt. tin with any of our large variety of products, and printing both the lid label and body wrap with any 4-color graphics has made the ½ Qt. tin one of our most versatile items.

The ½ Qt. tin has been used countless times as an inexpensive, yet effective way to transform an otherwise plain tin into something unique with staying power.

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