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BlackRock sets themselves apart from the competition with Corporate Color Header Bags


Promotion Objective

The goal of this promotion was for BlackRock's customers to know that they are a company that stands out among the rest.  They were looking for a low cost item that had widespread appeal. 

Making It Happen

Since the distributor was looking for a candy that they could color separate, we went to our Corporate Colors Line and chose our Gourmet Jelly Beans.  In order to explain the concept of the single green jelly bean among all the black ones, the distributor needed an item with a large print area to ensure they were able to get their message across so we chose our header card, which could be printed on both sides up to 4-color process.


After producing multiple reorders of this specific product, the distributor has continued to use the header card to fulfill many of their other client's custom requests.

Alternative Ideas & Capabilities

The two things that made this order possible were the versatility of the header bag and the ability to color separate many of our candies.

In addition to our standard rectangle shaped header card, we now have the round top header cards.  With the many stock designs available, the round top header cards have become one of our most popular items! The adaptability of the header cards paired with the options of our full line of color separated candies has continued to provide the perfect marketing solution for many of our distributors. 

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