Midnite Snax


Liquidnet's Annual Breakfast Summit

The Project

The distributor came to us looking for an out-of-the box room drop for their client to give to their employees who were attending their annual breakfast summit. The two day summit would begin each day over an early breakfast and end by noon so that the employees could enjoy the amenities on the property for the rest of the day.

The Challenges

Since the employees were arriving the night before the summit and having their first sit down meal at breakfast the next day, our creative team came up with the verbiage “What’s Cookin’” for the artwork. In an effort to tie food into the theme, we used egg colored Gourmet Jelly Beans and our team presented the distributor with a round top header bag that had the look of a skillet. The client thought it was extremely creative, but wanted the gift to be something that their employees could reuse, and were willing to increase their budget to make that happen.

The Results

Our creative team put together an actual cast iron skillet filled with gummy eggs and gummy pigs to represent eggs and bacon. The skillet and candy fills were wrapped together and tied with a kraft colored raffia ribbon. They added a round, custom 4 color process hang tag with the client’s message and artwork which also resembled a skillet. When presented with the spec sample, the client fell in love with it.

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