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Power Up Energy Kit - Large

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Large Mailer Box With Retail Packaged Snacks - Seaweed Snacks (0.35 oz.), HERSHEY’S® Special Dark Chocolate Bar (1.45 oz.), Kars® Trail Mix (2 oz.), Quest® Ranch Protein Chips (1.1 oz.), Hippeas® White Cheddar Puffs (1 oz.), Cranberry Almond Kind® Bar (1.4 oz.), Chocolate Chip Clif Bar (2.4 oz.), Good Health® Kettle Chips (1 oz.), Nature Valley Granola Bar (1.49 oz.), Energy Shot (2 oz.) If product listed is not available, items of equal or greater value will be substituted.

Have us individually drop ship and mail each gift OR we can ship everything to you and you can D.I.Y - it's that easy! Mailer boxes are made of shipping grade material to ensure your gift arrives safely. A drop ship fee of $2.50 (V) per gift/per location, plus freight charges will apply when factory drop ships on your behalf.

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LGMB-PWR - Power Up Energy Kit - Large
Production Time: 5-7 days
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