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Chic, well-known hotel chain selects 18 pc. Chocolate Box to promote its top destinations


Promotion Objective

The goal of this promotion was to find a creative and elegant way to promote the top destinations of a well known, chic hotel chain. The hotel was looking for an edible promotion with their printed material to leave in the hotel rooms of their guests, to inform them of their various top locations.

Making It Happen

Everyone loves a chocolate bar, but we wanted to add a unique twist to meet the specific needs of the customer. We created a custom size box to hold 18 gourmet mint chocolate squares. Each square had an individual hotel destination printed on the overwrap.


The upscale look of this custom box turned out to be exactly what the hotel chain was looking for. They have continued to order this particular box with various copy on the chocolate squares for many events and promotions.

Alternative Ideas & Capabilities

We understand our industry and we know that the standard chocolate bar is always a top seller. What started out with the custom wrapped assorted Hershey® Minis mix has developed into 2 other chocolate bar sizes - the 1 oz and 2.25 oz. We continue to build on a classic and are always searching for ways to reinvent everyone's favorite treat.

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